I Stopped Drinking for the month of November, Here’s What I Learned…

1) Booze is a bad way to cope with stress

I can just hear you now, “no kidding!” you say dripping with sarcasm. Here’s why I’m taking time to say it. This month was packed with all the things I listed at the top of this piece (a near double-stress load compared to October), but I experienced less stress overall than in the previous month.

  • Less grumpy
  • Making smarter food choices
  • Better able to keep track of my task lists
  • Better able to resist the ‘trash-fire’ model of the world that says we are all doomed (for the most part… I’m not an emotionless robot!)
Aden Nepom makes a face. Courtesy of Art of Change

2) The first week was hard

I’ve never suspected myself of having addictive tendencies. Honestly, my success in November reinforces that belief. That being said, the number of times I felt whiney about not having wine during week-one surprised me. I did not realize that I had started viewing that glass of wine at the end of the day as an integral part of my routine.

3) After the first week, I stopped thinking about drinking

Maybe it’s because I gave myself Thanksgiving as an exception prior to committing to No-Drink-November, so I knew I wouldn’t be going the full month; or maybe I got really into tea drinking. Either way I simply had other things on my mind during the month of November.

Now it’s December…

…and I haven’t really jumped at the opportunity to add booze back into my routine. I like the way I feel, and frankly while having Prosecco with pomegranate seeds on Thanksgiving was fun and tasty… it wasn’t as exciting as I remembered, and my eyes felt weird the next morning.



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