I am moving to Substack

Aden Nepom
Dec 17, 2022


I’ve decided.

After years of barely writing here… I’m moving!

But Aden you can’t be serious?!

Oh… I am!

As of right now, you can already find me on Substack and subscribe to my newsletter which I’m calling “Making This up as I Go.” Also as of right now, everything is FREE… and may even stay that way for a while.

Come the beginning of 2023, I’ll be deleting my account here… we must keep things tidy!

Join me as I think out loud, ask questions, attempt to make sense of human behavior and guide our thinking (that is yours AND mine) toward, simple and obvious solutions to the messy situations in life.

I’m giving myself a 3 post a week, 30 day challenge. That means we’ll all be learning something new together!

Come on… Check it out already!



Aden Nepom

Aden Nepom is president of The Art of Change Skills for Life and host of The Changed Podcast. She’s a pragmatic and playful advisor on communication and change.